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Lindy’s Stamp Gang’s October Color Challenge

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Welcome to the October color challenge! We’re so glad you’re here! If this is your first time hearing about our color challenge, please check out the info section on our blog: Color Challenge Info.

Some of the rules:

  1. Help us spread the word! Share our color challenge graphic in your blog post and link to the Lindy’s Stamp Gang blog, where the challenge can be found. For every 50 people that enter, we’ll have one giveaway! So 100 entries=2 giveaways.
  2. Use Lindy’s Stamp Gang products! You can use, StarburstsFlat FabiosMoon ShadowsGlitz SpritzMagicalsEmbossing PowdersMica Powders… any of our stampslaser cut-outs, or brass charms.
  3. Use a minimum of two colors in the color challenge. You’re welcome to add neutrals, white, black, grey and brown. But please stick to the colors in the graphic.
  4. Link the Lindy products you used to the Lindy’s Stamp Gang store, like this: Hibiscus Rose.

Here is our challenge for October! This challenge is valid on blog posts dated October 1st, 2013-October 31th, 2013.


Here is my project!

I made an Elegant Pumpkin.


I wrapped a large styrofoam ball with purple ribbon and sprayed with Witch’s Potion Purple Starburst, I used some beautiful bridal laces and sprayed them with Freaky Franken’ Lime Starburst and Curiouser Chartreuse Flat Fabio. I also colored the Chinese braid with the Curiouser Chartreuse Flat Fabio. I added some embellishments, laces, trim, and bling flourishes. I hope you like my project and join in on this months color challenge! You can enter the October color challenge on Lindy’s Stamp Gang’s blog HERE!



I hope you like my project and thank you for stopping by!



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