Sneak Peak Easter/Springtime Blog Hop Hosted by ScrapChica

Here is a sneak peak at my project for Scrap Chica’s Easter/Springtime Blog Hop!
Which begins on March 12th 2011
Here are all the Participants:
#1. Linda http://scrapchica.blogspot.com
#2. Susi http://artcsushi.blogspot.com
#3. Vero http://goldenmomentssometimes.blogspot.com
#4. Alee’ http://aleejentaleigh.blogspot.com
#5. Nataleigh http://nataleighscraftland.com
#6. Stephanie http://mamascrapper69.blogspot.com
#7. Nancy http://pinkbellamia.blogspot.com
#8. Cynthia http://cynthialoowho.blogspot.com
#9. Jackie http://scrappinglatina.blogspot.com
#10. Yolie http://yoliebean.blogspot.com
#11. Ruthie http://scrapchic-ruth.blogspot.com

Some participants will be having giveaways as well as myself so make sure to keep an eye for this fun blog hop joined by many lovely ladies!


5 thoughts on “Sneak Peak Easter/Springtime Blog Hop Hosted by ScrapChica

  1. OMG!!!!! I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE IT!!!! This is so cool…I wanna see more…LOL…thanks again girly for being a part of this, and everyone is going to love your giveaway! :)Hugs!

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