Stylish Blogger Award

Wow Steph Thank you so much!! I do need to give thanks to those amazing designers at The Cutest Blog on the Block! Not only does Steph make the most beautiful crafty designs but I think she is absolutely adorable!!! Beauty inside and out!
To visit Stephanie’s Blog click here

To have the honor of receiving the Stylish Blogger Award you must always pay it forward to other bloggers who are fairly new to blogging or to bring more fans to those you enjoy following.
With this award you are to share eight things about yourself. Then pass the award to eight others

I’d like to pass the Stylish Blogger award to:
Misty, MB’s Treasurista click here
Suzie, A Vintage Design Studio click here
Laura, Crafty Laura click here
Jackie, CreativeJackie831 click here
Kellye, Distressed Hippye click here
Nancy, For The Love of Tim click here
Kandi, Kandi7rivera click here
Nataleigh, Nataleighs Craft Land click here

So here’s 8 things about me:
1. I have a cartoon voice, I can also talk like Bart Simpson and Stitch
2. I have a huge appetite
3. I love cartoons
4. My daughter, her friends, and I have sleepovers and watch horror movies LOL
5. I’m a brunette
6. I love chocolate
7. I think laughter is the best medicine, so don’t fall down in front of me LOL
8. I take naps
Thank you Steph♥BIG SQUISHY HUGS♥


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