GIFTAWAY!! 200 Subbies!


7 thoughts on “GIFTAWAY!! 200 Subbies!

  1. Michelle says:

    Hi Cindy, I am loving all your videos..I'm a new subscriber..well not brand new, but new enough that I haven't watched them all, yet.Thanks for the chance to win some of your flowers.

  2. Scrappygal101 says:

    Hey girl Awsome Giveaway. Finaly someone with my same taste in crafts. Love your YT Vidies and Congrats on your Subbies. I have done 2 of the 3 ways to win. I will be posting another YT Video this weekend and I will let you know so you can watch. My YT is Scrappygal101 I am doing a 50 subbies giveaway watch my Vids and Subscribe to win my altered art project.Huggs Terri

  3. Crafty X says:

    Great and awesome giveaway cynthia. You deserve every subscriber, you have great videos. I have subscribed to your youtube, posted your giftaway video on my facebook page, and followed you here and now posting this comments. I hope that's good enought to enter me:) Zoe

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