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Day 3 Rhinestone Chain Candy Cane Christmas Ornament 2022

Good Morning!!! Day 3 is here. I wanted to post yesterday but after church we were on fire for the Lord and had an amazing time last night with my sister, son, daughter, and niece having bible study and worship. We had an amazing night. So here is day 3, this last spring I really got into rhinestone chain and making jewelry with it. I started making jewelry I called “Twisted Rhinestone Jewelry” I do have some available if you’re interested at the tab above. So you just wrap wire with rhinestone chain and it creates this beautiful spiral effect. You can use one strand or 2. You can wrap rhinestone chain around many different shapes as well, you don’t want any sharp corners though but if you do have some start at that corner. I hope you enjoy todays ornament and try it and share with your friends. I will have the links posted below as well as the youtube video. Thank you for stopping by. I am an amazon associate and at no cost to you I get commissions from some links.

16 gauge wire


Purple 2.5mm rhinestone chain


Pink 2.5 rhinestone chain


gold 2.5 rhinestone chain


Rose Gold 3mm rhinestone chain


Crystal 4mm rhinestone chain


Wire cutter pliers


Tweezer nose pliers


Round nose pliers


Nylon pliers



One thought on “Day 3 Rhinestone Chain Candy Cane Christmas Ornament 2022

  1. Cindy,
    I just discovered your videos and have been binge watching you make a ton of gorgeous Christmas ornaments. You are precious and so very talented!!! And entertaining!
    I’d like to share with you some pictures of ornaments I’ve made, but this email I am sending because I’m worried about you.
    You mentioned in a video that you have asthma, but even before that I was concerned about you. I know you said you have ventilation and an air filter where you craft, but you use a lot of fine glitters, etc. I was wondering if you wear any type of mask over your nose and mouth. I suspect you do not because you speak and teach as you craft and make your videos.
    I know our lungs have great capacity to heal themselves, such as when one stops smoking. But I believe that they can also be damaged by inhaling all sorts of things. The glitters and things you use to beautify our world are made up of such tiny pieces of things, including sharp pieces of glass and dyes. I think these tiny particles can easily be inhaled through your mouth and nose.
    Do you have a pulmonologist? I wonder if there are good, effective masks that would not distort your voice, because I sense you are stubborn like me and would never stop using the products or stop making your videos.
    I pray you will take my comments as I have sent them, with love and caring for your health. I hope this did not make you angry or feel like it’s none of my business.
    I do hope my comments make you think and consider what steps you can take to protect your lungs as you create. I would love to watch your videos for many years to come.
    Please remove this from public view after you read it, see a pulmonologist, and research what you could use to protect yourself from harm.
    Lovingly sent!

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