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Lace Bird Cage Christmas Ornament Day 9-2021

Welcome to day 9, we only have 1 more left after this one! This one was a lot of fun. I was going through my laces and found this beautiful lace that reminded me of a bird cage and I remembered years ago when I made my grand daughter crown from lace using fabric stiffener so that’s just what I did. I used fabric stiffener and created a beautiful shabby chic bird cage. I could not find the exact laces or birds I used but I did find similar items. I am posting a few different links to laces that are comparable to the one’s I made as well as the smaller pink lace I used on the gold one. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Paid links below. Here is a list of the items.


One thought on “Lace Bird Cage Christmas Ornament Day 9-2021

  1. Wow! The Bird Cages are Gorgeous! Where did you get the Dangle Bling on the Gold Bird Cage?

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