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Brush Embroidery Christmas Ornament Day 8-2021

Day 8 was something I didn’t think I could do but I did it and so can you! I love the look of hand painted ornaments but I’ve never tried them because they just seem to intricate and tedious it just didn’t seem possible until I saw a cake decorating video on youtube and I learned about brush embroidery. It’s so easy and fun. I practiced on cardstock first then moved on to ornaments. If you love the look of hand painted ornaments like I do this will be exciting to you too because we can all do it! As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Paid links below. Make sure to scroll down for the video tutorial. Here is a list of what I used.


15 thoughts on “Brush Embroidery Christmas Ornament Day 8-2021

  1. Thank you for posting your great video and all the instructions for making these gorgeous painted balls. I have a bunch left over and I will try to follow all you did so mine will look great too, I hope. Thank you.

  2. On the embroidered ornaments what was your ratio paint to paste about you said 2 teaspoons of paste but how much paint please they are beautiful. Seen this done by a cookie decorator. She does the same process. It looks like a great way to do ornaments. Thank you

  3. Please where can I purchase the Glue Gun Little Helper Tool Kit. Your videos are fantastic. Can’t stop practicing……

  4. I really want to try this!! Your two brush embroidery baubles turned out so awesome. You said to mix 2T modeling paste to DecoArt Pearls paint… but didn’t say how much paint!!

    1. Nor did she and information about the project in her utube area including where she bought the ornaments colored and where if so or did she do that too! I love her ideas and would love to have the correct measurements and where did she get the 2 sqeeze bottles for the flowers.

      1. Hi Diane, I did explain I used some paint writers I had. I used about a tsp of paint per bottle in the mix. I posted links above to products or similar products that I used.

  5. Yes, please, do other things during the rest of the year!!!! I don’t mind paying!!!!!!!

  6. I have always looked forward to your Christmas ornaments. I just wish you did other things during the rest of the year.

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