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Day 6 Cynthialoowho Christmas Ornaments 2020 Bling & Lace

Todays ornament was so much fun, I love how it started with lace and then I filled it more and more with bling. It is so eye catching. The more bling the better I always say. I started with a clear 4 inch acrylic ball, painted it with a very light pink paint, I painted a couple coats. I wanted the ornament to have a matte finish. I have this beautiful lace that I cut into 6 pieces and started adding bling to the center where there was a lot of netting. Once I added all the bling I wanted to add some silver accents so I grabbed my trusty silver stickles bottle and added that to the ends. Once the lace was dry I glued the pieces on the ornament with hot glue. Then it needed more bling!!!! I added more to the ball in between the lace and around the cap. I am so happy with how the ornament turned out. I will link products below but check your supplies, you can use any lace for this project. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Paid links below.


Thank you so much for stopping by, see below for a video tutorial. Please share with your friends and God Bless ♥Cynthialoowho♥


2 thoughts on “Day 6 Cynthialoowho Christmas Ornaments 2020 Bling & Lace

  1. This is just gorgeous. I have been following you for years and this is YOUR style!!!! Once a shabby chic girl, always a shabby chic girl. Please do more. Anything you do is magic.

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