Day 1 Cynthialoowho Christmas Ornaments 2018

Welcome to day 1 of 2018 series! I had so much fun making this humming bird. i think I will make a few different styles of this one because it may just disappear on the tree. I used filigrees from Butterbee Scraps and bling I had on hand. I will post the tutorial below. I hope to see you for day 2 coming soon!

8 thoughts on “Day 1 Cynthialoowho Christmas Ornaments 2018

  1. I love watching your videos. I am a new subscriber. Joined this year. I am going to make some of the ornaments but I have to build up my stash. I do a lot of different crafts but all my stuff is in storage. Haven’t been able to get them out yet. Hopefully in the spring. The hummingbird ornament is just beautiful. So are all the other ones you make. You are very talented and I hope to learn alot from you. God bless and have a safe and merry holiday.

  2. Gurl you rock! I look forward to your 2018 ornaments you have so many great ideas! I wish I had your talent! thanks for all the tutorials!

  3. hey cynthia i was so happy to see your 10 days of christmas 2018 you are my guru.and i dont think you over do it.thank you so much for sharing your creative talent with us. love you noele

  4. I was watching when you was making the ornament. It’s beautiful and unique. I love it. I’m your #one fan 👍

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