Christmas Village Series with Cynthialoowho 2018 Episode 2 Part 1

Wow it’s February already. Time is flying by. Here we are onto our second Christmas Village house. It’s a Chapel, I thought with it being February and all (the month of love) I should make a chapel. You are probably visiting from my youtube video. Make sure to follow my site for any new posts coming up for this series. Click on the blue highlighted links to download the Chapel template. Enjoy creating your own Chapel!




5 thoughts on “Christmas Village Series with Cynthialoowho 2018 Episode 2 Part 1

  1. cynthia where do i find the templet for the first house you made i see ot on the adobe page but cannot download the templet like i did templet 2 and three help

  2. What is going on with your Chistmas Village series where you were going to do a house every month? I have not seen the finishing of February’s chapel nor have I seen anything for March! HELP!!!!!!

  3. Hope all is well with you. I have started doing your series of Christmas Village. I even purchased the medium weight cardboard from you. I am having a get time and finished the first house. I have the second one all cut out and ready to go forward but . . . I have not seen Episoe 2 – Part 2 ever posted and we are at the end of March and I have not seen Episode 3 posted. Hope nothing has happened to you and you are not able to continue this series. If you could let me know if it has been cancelled or not, it would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Just go on her website and the first house is there. Just serch Christmas Village series 2018.

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