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Day 2 of 10 Days of Christmas Ornaments with Cynthialoowho 2016!

Today’s ornament is very easy as well. You will need a smooth foam ball/glass ball. Some 1/2″ trim I used Chinese Braid and any kind of bling trim for an accent I used a leaf/bling trim I had in my stash.. I used hot glue to adhere everything. To see a video tutorial on how to make these scroll down.

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19 thoughts on “Day 2 of 10 Days of Christmas Ornaments with Cynthialoowho 2016!

  1. Hi Cynthia: I think your ornaments are beautiful. I heard you say to get Chinese braid, and bling trim. I want to make these for my church for decorations for activities they have. I think they would be good all year round.

  2. What is that rubber ended tool you use when you apply hot glue on top of lace on an ornament?

  3. I made one of these and had to show it. You are such a good teacher and I have learned a lot. I love this ornament and think this will be one to have my grandchildren do when I visit in a couple weeks. This one and the acorn ornament from a previous year.

  4. I just happened to come across your videos and absolutely love them! You use your glue gun quite frequently and although I have one, am hoping you can offer some advice. I find sometimes things don’t stay (tried gluing some pine cones to Styrofoam wreath). I’ve seen that you glue things to pine cones and it seems to stay.
    Am I doing something wrong, or can you tell me what type of glue sticks you use?

  5. Hi l love all your beautiful things you do.Specially your ornaments.lm in Instagram as crafygrandma64. Have a wonderful holiday season.Congrats on ur new bundle of joy.

  6. Congratulations with another “beauty”. . .she’s gorgeous. I’m sure big sister is happy and best to Mom and Dad. Thanks for sharing your family, Roberta at Whispers from the Past in upstate New York USA.

  7. beautiful congestion on you little angle.can’t wait for my little angle to get here. and also ifound a lot of the lace trim and beaded garland on eBay.I looked yesterday.or hobby lobby went thet have there sales.I hope this help.and again congratulations on your granddaughter.they our a blessing.thank you and have a lovely day.👣👐🍼🍭🐻🙈

  8. I have always loved.your ornament tutorials. You are so talented! You make it so easy to follow and I will be making some for my Christmas tree. Thank you so much for sharing your talent. Hugs Candy

  9. Hello dear Magical hands! I was so looking forward to this years 10 days of Christmas! Thank you for your gorgeous idears.
    Are you a second time grandma yet? We are the 17th of november today!
    Anywho, love all you do can’t wait for the 3rd day! Thinking of you and your daughter…

    1. Congratulations!!!!! Yes this is my second Granddaughter! I’m so in love with her. She’s a chubby cherub 9 pounds!!! I hope all goes well and baby and mom are healthy ♥

  10. Hi Cynthia. I am a newbee to your craft videos. I love them, especially the Christmas ornaments. My fave!! Thank you so much for taking the time to share with so many. I will be a steady customer and get excited to see each new thing you come up with. Hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving and a Wonderfully Happy Christmas!! Sending Hugs your way!

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