It has been a while!

Hello my friends,

I know it’s been way too long since I posted. Last year was a crazy and busy year. My husband and I closed our paint company for new careers and salary so that means lots of work. I am making a career change so in between I’d like to go back to my craft room and make all the things I’ve been itching to make for so long. I also have some great template designs coming. My daughter and grand daughter moved out so I will get my craft room back (I’d rather have my them). I’m excited to get everything organized as it has been in a large closet for the last couple years and I was crafting in there. I hope you’ll stay along for the ride be cause there will be some crackle painting, lace, what am I forgetting??? Oh ya some bling!!! See you soon and in case you forgot my youtube here’s a link


17 thoughts on “It has been a while!

  1. I would absolutely love a neighbour like you ,we would have a whale of a time love suemary (England)s

  2. So very glad you are back. Looking forward to 10 more days of Christmas (please). Saw this lovely owl on the Internet and thought what a great inspiration for a filigree tree ornament. What do you think? Deborah

  3. i just wanted you to know I really enjoy your videos and I have learned a lot and my grandson and I are going to make some Christmas ornaments this year and many more. So thank you and look forward to your next videos

  4. Happy happy happy. I cannot wait to see what you bring to us this year. My question is this, “why can’t I have a neighbor like you” dang what I wouldn’t do to live in your neck of the woods. Love your personality, your humor, your talent, oh I could go on and on. If you ever decide to visit good old South Carolina, I would love to meet for lunch. Blanche
    Oh PS Best of luck on you and your husbands new careers.

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