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Day 7 of 10 Days of Christmas Ornaments with Cynthialoowho!


Day 7 is a beaded bulb cover. I used a simple pattern that doesn’t use a large variety of beads. These are very easy once you get the hang of it so I hope you will try it.





DSC_2303To see a video tutorial see below!

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21 thoughts on “Day 7 of 10 Days of Christmas Ornaments with Cynthialoowho!

  1. I am looking for patterns of the 12 Days of Christmas itens. You work faster than I can comprehend. I would appreciate your help. Thank you. Joyce Whalen

  2. i love all your ornament! How do i get the information on sizes of beads you used?

    1. Day 7 of 10 Christmas ornament I did not hear on the video what size seed beads you used to make the ornament. Can you please tell me the size beads

  3. Hi! Good Tutorial! But It’s Kind of Hard to See what you Are Doing 😦 Maybe You should have Zoomed In, Maybe You could Redo the Video Sometime 🙂

    1. I never received an answer as to what size beads etc u used for
      the cover of xmas ornament of 7th day of 10 beaded ornament

  4. Beautiful ornament. I watched the tutorial on youtube but it doesn’t have a supply list. Can you tell me what size beads you used and what thread/how much?
    Thanks so much for your awesome instructions and inspiration. I haven’t tried this yet but I’ve always wanted to ….

  5. Why is this video not available in Canada? I have watched your other videos and I have no problem, but this one really interests me and it isn’t available here.

    1. Try using Tunnel Bear Program it lets you watch videos from any country. And it is free and safe. It hides your IP address. I used it for years. Only downside is with the free version you watch hours are limited within each month but you can get extra by tweeted about them. I now use Hotspot Shield which has a free trial version or used to have it, I know pay per year because it is so cheap, That is how I watched Downton Abbey from the beginning when it aired in the UK instead of having to wait until it aired in the US 6 plus month later. Both are safe. I love my British and Canadian TV cannot live without it now!

    1. Size 11 seed beads are the usual for covered ornaments. Beadaholique has a tutorial and so does Potamac Beads giving a full supply list. and the Potamac and if I remember correctly those are both much easier patterns/tutorials to get your feet wet with. These are not hard to make but are time consuming until you get the hang of it. The more ornate patterns can cost a lot to make with all the beads you have to purchase. Cynthia choose a good pattern that won’t cost you a lot at all. Most ornate patterns have over 300 beads. Give it a try they are fun to make and look fabulous!

  6. Very pretty!!! but I don’t know if it would be easy or not…looks really hard to do…thanks for sharing….

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