Day 8 of 10 Days of Christmas Ornaments with Cynthialoowho♥

For day 8 I decided to make a present with some beautiful Cynthialoowho’s Blingy Looking Mesh!
Hot Glue
Glue Gun

To see a video tutorial of this ornament click HERE!
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7 thoughts on “Day 8 of 10 Days of Christmas Ornaments with Cynthialoowho♥

  1. Very cute, I don't Love to sew by hand, so I prob won't try this one, because I would be afraid of it falling apart too easily with just glue, but I totally love it, what a great item to put on the top of a gift too!

  2. As I was looking at the beautiful pictures of the present, I thought… Could those be made smaller and osed as wine glass charms? If anyone could make that happen, it would be you Ms. Creative Genius! Looking forward to tomorrow!Pam

  3. All of your ornaments are beautiful!!!! I have ordered some mesh and can not wait for it to come in so I can try some of them myself. Thank you for sharing!!!

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