LSH Family Hop Winners Are….

First I want to thank all the sponsors for our very first LSH Hop!!
A huge thank you to:
Lindy’s Stamp Gang
I Am Roses

The Lindy’s Stamp Gang winners from 1-8 are:
1. Blogger: tdleitch CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
2. Blogger: lydbug CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
3. Blogger: ScrappinMomma CONGRATULATIONS!!!
4. Youtuber: BerlyKim CONGRATULATIONS!!!
5. Blogger: Crafting to stay sane CONGRATULATIONS!!!
6. Blogger Cathy CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
7. Youtuber: Littleyds1 CONGRATULATIONS!!!
8. Blogger: Cathy CONGRATULATIONS!!!

I Am Roses 1 & 2
1. Blogger: Shana CONGRATULATIONS!!!
2. Youtuber: ClassyDify CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Karlas001etsy 1 & 2
1. Blogger: Sonia CONGRATULATIONS!!!
2. Blogger: Silver Mckenzie CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Birdcage mini by me Cynthialoowho
Youtuber: ClassyDify CONGRATULATIONS!!!

LSH’s first hop was fantastic! Thank you everyone for participating and hopping!


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